Unlock Customer-Led Growth

Improve ✨ net revenue retention ✨ by analyzing customer video calls you're already recording


Surprise churn risk? Not on our watch

Of course, we'll help you automatically track the churn risks you already know about, reducing manual work. What's more, we'll go back in time to suggest potential leading risk indicators you may not have even considered!

Zero in on white space expansion opportunities

When it comes to growing accounts, it's important to know who isn't talking about a new offering. We narrow down the list to highest potential Customers, and provide context with reels of relevant highlights.


Painless Customer feedback loop to Product

You already know what your customers need. We help you make the case to your Product, Sales, and Marketing teams backed by Customer sentiment across the book of business, not just one-off anecdotes.

Rally around your Customers' voices

Work efficiently on the most important things, quantified by what your Customers already tell you in recorded video calls, instead of giving them survey fatigue. Your board and Executive Leadership Team will want to hear about it!


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