Superpowers for Customer Success Teams

Find value and ✨ revenue expansion opportunities ✨ in your customer calls


Capture everything in your second brain

Who has time to take manual notes anymore? We'll record and transcribe your calls for easy review. Mark important moments right on the call to automagically pull them into your CRM of choice.

Find signal in the noise

Not everything customers say is important. But the things that are said frequently enough might be: we'll help you find those themes, and quantify them throughout your book of business.


Go to bat for your customers with data

You already know what your customers need. We help you make the case to your Product, Sales, and Marketing teams with actual customer data, not just one-off anecdotes.

See the future

Yeah, that'd be really helpful! The best we can do for now is help you do the research: ask the right questions, then easily analyze and synthesize the answers. Almost as good? 😬


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