Why stick CSM post-implementation, post go-live, even post-Support? Place CSM further up in the customer lifecycle, pre-sale, even in marketing.

Customer Success requires honest company-wide introspection. Chris Warticki explains why the focus needs to shift from the Customer to the Company, to truly deliver successful customer experiences.

1. Customer Success is not just a Department nor a Title, it is a Mindset that needs to be adopted by everyone in the organization:

Customer Experience is not one title, it's not one team and it's not one individual.

It's everybody. So I've asked everybody here at Epicor, take your title, put a comma after it and write Customer Experience. It'll change the way you look at your job. You could be a Developer, Customer Experience. Solution Architect, Customer Experience. Support Engineer, Customer Experience. Everybody has got to get on board with that.

2. Sometimes ensuring the success of customers is as simple as responding to their needs with intellectual honesty:

Changing the C [in Customer Success] from Customer to Company, not in a selfish way, but in a way that's introspective that says “we've gotta fix us before we can actually tell our customers what's gonna make them successful”.

In our history, one thing that this company did very well was give our customers survey fatigue. And, after I came in, we basically obliterated them all, except for maybe a handful. And now, our customers can breathe. We’re not smothering them now. We could go attack and accomplish the things that they've already told us.

We already have the tools, the technology, the talent. Respond to the customers' needs. That's it. It's not found in some magic box somewhere. But every customer need also needs to be evaluated for its application and its feasibility. Right? That's where the honesty comes in.

3. Involving Customer Success Managers from the start, is a must:

Companies don't need CSMs en masse... for a technology software company like Epicor, the answer is more developers, the answer is more support people. The answer is found in those people who can actually FIX the problem. They don't need more people shouting, "Hey, my customer needs their problem fixed faster than the person sitting next to me." Imagine CSMs within the development organization, a development-CSM. Imagine if they had a select portfolio of managed accounts. That’s my vision.  It’ll shatter the industry.

Why stick CSM, post-implementation, post go-live, even post-Support? Put them further up the customer lifecycle, pre-sale, even in marketing. 

How did we even brand ourselves to these customers? What grabbed them and gripped them? Let's [Customer Success] do more of that. We're not even scratching the surface on that yet. But at the same time, I'm trying to challenge development and say, "Hey, you guys want to pilot this?" Because what's happening is, then there's escalation further down here in the customer journey, and then we're just coming back to you and knocking on your door and you’re having to fix it anyway.

Huge thanks to Chris for sharing his passion for Customer Success with us!

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