I also see Customer Success Management evolving even more as a profession. And I would love to see it even extend back into colleges and universities… especially as subscription economies emerge.

Customer Success is always evolving. In this interview, Emily Campos, Director of Customer Success at PetDesk, discusses the evolutions taking place in the Customer Success space and why change management is a critical skill for those involved.

1. Moving beyond a seat at the table to a seat in the classroom:

We've made such good progress at getting a seat at the executive table in the last 10 years. 

I see that growing. We all love Sales and Sales keeps us growing; I think there's a lot of companies out there that might need to balance out their Sales and Customer Success executive presence. Planning where the resources go, to apply more to the bulk of existing customers versus what is coming down the pipe. And then I also see Customer Success Management evolving even more as a profession. I would love to see it even extend back into colleges and universities…especially as subscription economies emerge, subscription products are popping up everywhere. I think it would be wise for us to even look back into our business schools or even community colleges and teach Customer Success as a career option for folks.

2. There’s a place for automation in Customer Success:

I think when the last question you asked was like, what could you go back and tell yourself? I would go back and tell myself that automation doesn't mean that a robot is talking to your customers and that they feel like a robot talking to them. 

There's a way to embrace automation that isn't necessarily a cold, impersonal, non-human way of interacting with your customers, but it can be personal, it can be relevant, it can be timely. 

It can make better use of the humans that you do have. Right? As they start every day, they could have 100 different areas to put themselves. And automation can help them shrink that down to “these are the five areas where the customer really needs to hear my voice live and these other 95, I can have an email that sounds just the way I sound...”

3. Empathize with the avalanche of change -- both for yourself, and for your customer: 

We can all think of times in our lives when we made that shift and we had to adjust. I mean, when I got my first DVR, I was like, "Oh my gosh, I can pause! And do all this stuff..." And that's change management. The folks who do really really well at the Customer Success profession, they're mindful and respectful of that. 

Understand change management, both for yourself…to be able to re-shift how you think about what you do. And a customer is going through a change as well…if they haven't used anything similar to your product in the past, that could be a huge shift for them. 

It gets harder; the better you know the product, the harder it gets for you to understand and empathize with somebody who doesn't understand exactly all the ways it can pay off. And maybe that journey, of being brand new, to really gaining mastery in what you offer. So I think that's really important, too.

Thanks to Emily for her contributions to this space and to Customer Success as a whole!

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