Turn customer meetings into actionable revenue insights

Automatically identify ✨ churn risks and expansion leads✨ in customer video calls you're already recording


Identify expansion opportunities effortlessly

We use AI to take the manual work out of uncovering cross-sell and upsell opportunities, by surfacing only the relevant snippets of customer calls to Expansion owners as leads. It’s like adding a BDR to every account team.

Move on deals faster

Get new expansion opportunities into pipeline, or revive stale deals, quicker. Your people can spend less time rewatching customer calls, and more time actually growing your customers — and your NRR.


Waste less time in internal meetings

Asking your AEs, AMs and CSMs to do more with less? Focus their collaboration on the opportunities that matter, with the right context at the right time, driving efficiency and effectiveness.

No more surprise churn

Categorizing and logging customer friction points is essential to mitigating churn risk, but when your CSMs are in back-to-back customer meetings, it's easy to miss. We run in the background and surface them for 1-click review - so easy, it actually gets done.


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